Ringtonesia iPhone 3G Maker

Ringtonesia iPhone 3G Maker 3.0

Creates ringtones for your iPhone 3G from any audio and video file
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Ringtonesia iPhone 3G Maker has a Windows style wizard user interface and provides you with all of the functions that you need to create your own, unique ringtones for your iPhone 3G. After launching the program you can upload your audio/video source file by either clicking on the link for audio/video displayed or by clicking on the Ringtone option featured at the top on the menu bar. Each action will prompt the wizard to display a Ringtone Maker window where the option to change the name of your ringtone is presented to you as well as browse buttons. After selecting your source file and clicking on the 'next' button will prompt the wizard to move to the conversion or progress window where you will see a bar showing Rintonesia preparing your source file for editing and creating the new ringtone. Once this part of the conversion is completed, you will be presented with a waveform you can click on with your mouse to select the start and stop positions required and to finally create your ringtone.

When the final conversion is complete, your new ringtone will be added to iTunes automatically by the program and to select it on your iPhone 3G, sync your iPhone 3G with iTunes.

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